Merritt Hawkins Branding & Design

Physician search and consulting is a tough business that relies on finding talented, smart people to do some of the most critical thinking on the planet. We knew that a brand like theirs needed smart, attractive branding that entices intellectual people.


Direct Mail Design

Direct Mail Design

Trolley Ad Design

Trolley Wrap Design for Merritt Hawkins

Physician Survey Design

Physician Surveys Designed For Merritt Hawkins
Physician Surveys Designed For Merritt Hawkins, Alternative View

Flyer Design

Flyer Designed for Merritt Hawkins
Additional Group of Flyers Designed for Merritt Hawkins

Social Media Design

Social Media Design for Merritt Hawkins
Social Media Layout for Merritt Hawkins

PowerPoint Design

PowerPoint Design for Merritt Hawkins

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