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Boho Gray is a boutique home decorating brand focused on “Bohemian Style Refined” projects for interior spaces. The goal was to create a mark that was modern, elegant, and effortlessly stylish. Following their successful business of high-end furniture design and production, Boho Gray was in pursuit of a new venture, aimed at enhancing interior spaces through carefully curated DIY projects.

Boho Gray’s luxurious aesthetic and sensibilities meant they had a critical eye for details. This meticulous lens extends to everything they do. Every project begins with a vintage inspiration piece and its and story. Then, careful consideration is applied to adjust its form and/or function, and results in a finished product with finesse that appears effortless.

Storytelling starts with listening

You know your story better than we ever will. We are endlessly inspired by successes, challenges, and decisions that eventually led you to our doorstep. Finding new ways to push and explore your narrative without rewriting the script is a challenge that we accept!

Let’s get you that custom logo design!

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