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When Brajea invented a product that would save bras from the dreaded laundry tango, their logo needed to bring as much taste and class as possible to a product that is easy to think gutturally about.

With design cues from every company hocking major lingerie brands, we paired the logotype with a titillating mark that you’ll remember every time you open up the Brajea.

Random Character Facts: The Tittle

Did you know that the little diacritic dot on a lowercase i or j is called a tittle?

You might be wondering what that has to do with logo design. Perhaps you've heard the phrase “every jot and tittle”? It's all the little things, and that’s our philosophy on logo design in a nutshell. We pay attention to every detail of your logo so you have every chance at success that we can offer.

Let’s get you that custom logo design!

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